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INTRAcel is a fractional microneedling and radio frequency machine. INTRAcel is able to treat fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, stretch marks and scars, acne and acne scarring, skin laxity and sagging.

INTRAcel combines the collagen stimulating properties of both micro needling and radio frequency energy. Needles are fired into the skin from a small block to a depth of 0.5-2mm. While the needles are in the dermis of the skin both monopolar and bipolar radio frequency energy are passed into the dermis. It is the combination of mechanical and thermal injury to the dermis that triggers a healing response with skin tightening and new collagen formation.

Tiny insulated needles penetrate deep into the dermis and heat the tissues for micro-seconds. The surrounding tissue is left unaffected so the healing time is much faster than if the entire area is treated at once. The natural healing process of the body produces new, healthy and tighter skin structure in the treated area and the surrounding skin.

Minimal downtime

Using tiny insulated micro-needles, INTRAcel treatment unlike laser procedures or surgery, protects the surface of the skin from damage -significantly reducing downtime.

Patients have been known to go out on the evening of the treatment and return to normal daily life the next day.

How many treatments will I need?

Clinical studies suggest that an effective treatment regime is three to four sessions, spaced about 1 month apart. Treatment plans can be very flexible, even when spaced weeks or months apart, results are outstanding. Each treatment session targets 15 to 20% of the skin’s surface, outlining the need for successive treatments.

Does it hurt?

A topical anaesthetic is applied for one hour before treatment. During the treatment, you will experience a mild prickling sensation across the skin as the treatment head is passed over the area. This increases with the number of passes, but as the skin is cooled during treatment, it is completely tolerable. The levels of treatment can be adjusted to suit patient comfort. Occasionally, a full anaesthetic regional block will be performed to improve your comfort.

How is the treatment carried out?

The head will be passed over the treatment area one area at a time. You will experience a prickling sensation followed by a sensation of heat. It is likely several passes to the planned treatment area will be required during each session.

Possible side effects

Initially, there will be tiny pinpoint bleeding, which will settle in a few minutes. You will experience a mild sunburned sensation for about an hour after treatment, then virtually no discomfort. The skin will have a pinkish tone for about 2-3 days – this is a normal sign that the skin is healing deeply. Swelling is minimal and resolves in two to three days. Other possible side effects include redness, burns, scabbing, blanching, temporary pinpoint bleeding, pigment changes, itching, blistering, and reactivation of herpes simplex virus. New skin develops immediately as the healing process occurs.

Care following treatment

The use of sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater following treatment is very important, to protect the skin during the healing phase and several weeks following treatment. Makeup can be applied after 24 hours, once the initial epidermal healing has occurred. Aloe Vera gel and cold compresses can be applied following treatment.

When will I see results?

The results from this treatment are variable, depending on the original quality of the skin and degree of damage to be treated. The skin will begin to feel smoother and tighter even after the first treatment, but the best results from the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months.

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